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Are you thinking about getting a tattoo?
But you're not sure about the final design?

JaguaHenna gives you the unique opportunity to start experimenting. Since it looks exactly like the real deal, you can keep designing till you find that one perfect tattoo. The tattoo-artist of your choice can just start tracing as soon as you're 100% positive about the final design.

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Your personal 2 week tattoo!

Create your personal 2 week tattoo with JaguaHenna™ gel. Your temporary tattoo will look exactly like a real tattoo! Jagua gel can be used for temporary body art or for testing your tattoo design. You can finally enjoy a two week tattoo in a 100% natural, fun and safe way!

How to make a 2 week tattoo?

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Jagua Gel Wholesale

Looking for attractive wholesale prices? With our program, Henna- and Jagua artists can receive the best Jagua Tattoo gel! Because of our in-house production, testing, vacuum packaging, freezing, AND shipping, we can provide you with tailor-made orders.

  Awesome staining Jagua gel!
  Fast delivery, everywhere!
  Great pricing, secure payments
  Friendly customer service

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