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Jagua gel wholesale

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Are you a Henna- or Jagua artist and looking for Wholesale opportunities? Or would you like to become a JaguaHenna reseller through your store or webshop?

You can now get the best JaguaHenna gel at a great price! Since we produce, test, vacuum package, freeze, and ship our gel inhouse, you can receive tailor-made, AWESOME STAINING, Jagua gel.

125ml Jagua Gel €59.95
Package with Track & Trace
250ml Jagua Gel €104.95
Package with Track & Trace
125ml Jagua Juice €39.95
Package with Track & Trace

Why JaguaHenna?

  Awesome Jagua gel!

JaguaHenna is developed according EU Cosmetic Legislation 1223/2009. You'll always receive the best staining Jagua gel thanks to our improved formula.

  Fast delivery, everywhere!

Fast shipping & delivery is especially important for Jagua. For ensuring the best products, we'll ship Jagua in a frozen condition wherever you live!

  Great Pricing, Secure Payments

Your contribution for spreading quality & safe products needs to be rewarded! Secure payments - in a way that is most convenient for you - is therefore self-evident.

  At your Service!

Frankly, we believe that great customer service should be customary. Therefore, we're always happy to help you. Pretty obvious right?

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