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Blunt Click-on Tattoo tips

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Tailor-made, blunt tattoo tips for our Jagua tubes. These Jagua tube blunt needles have an additional tip that exclusively click into the tubes offered on this website. Ideal to ensure detailed tattoo drawings.
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Shipping: 1-5 business days
NL €3 | EU €6 | EU Free from €25


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These blunt needles are tailor made for our Jagua tubes. The unique tips click directly in our Jagua tattoo tubes, which will help you to create detailed Jagua temporary tattoo drawings.

IMPORTANT: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. These needles do not have a luer-lock fitting, so they can only be used for our Jagua tubes. Blunt, luer lock (screw on) needles can be found here.

Netherlands: €3. Free from €25
EU: €6. Free from €25

Delivery time Netherlands: 1-3 Business days
Delivery time EU: 1-7 Business days

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