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Buy Jagua Juice 4 oz bottles and make your own jagua gel or hengua paste. Order more jagua juice and get a discount. For jagua henna artists and hobbyists that need 100% natural jagua juice / ink (fresh Genipa Americana juice).

ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE You need additional ingredients that we do not supply. If you don't have experience mixing regular henna, please purchase Jagua gel instead.
125ml Jagua Juice
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250ml Jagua Juice
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500ml Jagua Juice
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1000ml Jagua Juice
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Shipping: 1-5 business days
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These Jagua juice / ink bottles contain 100% fresh squeezed jagua juice / ink (Genipa Americana fruit juice). Every bottle contains 125ml (4oz) jagua tattoo juice / ink, buy in bulk and get a discount.

Contents per 125ml (4 oz) Jagua juice / ink bottle

  • 1x 125ml (4 oz) Jagua juice / ink (dispenser) bottle
  • 1x Additional instruction folder
  • 3x Luer Lock tattoo needle (S/M/L)
  • 1x Dropper to avoid needle from clogging (included)
  • 1x 1/2oz (15ml) dispenser bottle

Contents per 250ml Jagua juice

  • Above plus::
  • 1x 125ml (4 oz) Jagua juice bottle (2x bottles total)

Contents per 500ml Jagua juice

  • Above plus::
  • 2x 125ml (4 oz) Jagua juice bottle (4x bottles total)

Contents per 1000ml Jagua juice

  • Above plus::
  • 4x 125ml (4 oz) Jagua juice bottle (8x bottles total)

Contents per 2000ml Jagua juice

  • Above plus::
  • 8x 125ml (4 oz) Jagua juice bottle (16x bottles total)

Freeze JaguaHenna juice to preserve its staining capacity!

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Health & Safety

JaguaHenna.com was founded to offer a safe, temporary, cosmetic skindye. Jagua (Genipa Americana) has been used for hundreds of years by the indigenous people of Central- and Southern America. We are proud to be the first responsible supplier of Jagua in the Netherlands.

Ingredients: Genipa Americana

Each batch of Jagua is tested and approved before being distributed in the Netherlands. Each ingredient has been tested on its toxicological profile, chemical composition and levels of exposure according European legislation JaguaHenna has been developed according to Cosmetic Products Safety Legislation (EC) No 1223/2009. Jaguahenna disapproves animal testing; our products have therefore not been tested on animals.

THIS IS NOT BLACK HENNA. Our products do not contain dangerous chemicals like PPD. Our products are the only healthy alternative for temporary dark tattoos. Its staining properties are 100% natural and come from a fruit called Genipa Americana combined with natural preservatives and penetration enhancers. We embrace natural dyes that offer a safe alternative for Black Henna.

Jagua (Genipa Americana) is a fruit that grows in the rainforest of South America. For external use only. Do not use near eyes or mouth. Keep this product out of reach of small children. Do not use in case of fruit allergies. In order to prevent allergic reactions; test Jagua on a small patch of skin before applying the tattoo. Temporary tattoo artists should inform their customers that JaguaHenna contains fruit.

> More Information on Health & Safety


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