Jagua Products for Artists

JaguaHenna is dedicated to provide the best, fresh Jagua temporary tattoo products.
Buy Jagua in whatever quantity you require. We only use fresh Jagua juice / ink from Southern America, which is processed in the Netherlands into a 100% natural, EU certified cosmetic gel. Choose Jagua henna for great temporary tattoo products.

  • Certified Jagua gel (Cosmetic regulation EC 1223/2009)
  • Awesome staining gel
  • Worldwide shipping, fast delivery
  • Great pricing, secure payments
  • Dedicated customer service


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Supplying from Europe I have never had customs problems while buying products from you. JaguaHenna has great quality products and I will carry on buying from this webshop. Sandra Sandra - Spain
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Based on the assessment in part A and the reasoning it can be concluded that the above product is safe to be used as a cosmetic product for its intended use. The product is in compliance with EC/1223/2009 (European Cosmetic Regulations). F.A.A. Blok SkinConsult BV - Safety Assessor & Researcher